Gemstones by Bernie Gaboury of Travel Channel's series, "Gem Hunt"

Cinval G & M Is:


Bernard (Bernie) Gaboury, B. Sc., M.Sc., APEGBC., Professional Lapidary


Since 1978 Mr. Gaboury has been active in the exploration and mining industry. In addition to a broad range of experience gained in mineral exploration (specializing in the last twenty years in gemstone exploration and development both in North America and worldwide). He has owned and operated a gem business for the past 42 years; where he has been engaged in the selection, purchase, cutting and sale of all types of gem rough for the purposes of sale to the retail jewelry industry. He is also the co-founder and was the COO of True North Gems, a publicly trading company, where he raised seed capital, planned and executed gemstone exploration and development programs. From 2011 until 2014 he has been involved as the co-host of the Travel Channel series Gem Hunt. The episodes follow the team as they hunt down and acquire gemstone materials in different countries around the world. Bernie Gaboury is the only member of the team who cuts gemstones, and so his target in the Gem Hunt episodes is always rough gemstone materials.

Why Cinval G & M– Why Domestically Cut Gemstones?



Faceting & Cabbing – The benefits of Domestic Cutting:


Domestic cutting earns special benefits in dealing with one-of-a-kind gemstones of high unit value where gemstone weight recovery is essential. A typical scenario may be with material whose finished value per carat is say $1000 US. A piece of rough running through a mass production overseas cutting facility will see a recovery yield of less than 20% ( often less than 15%). This means a 1 gram (i.e. 5 carat) piece of rough will yield no more than a 1 carat finished gem with a value of less than $1000. With a skilled domestic cutter recovery yields of 25 to 30% are common. Although the cutting costs are going to be $100 to $150, the yield of 25% will produce a gemstone weighing 1.25 carats and a value of at least $1250. The value will actually be higher as the per carat values of gemstones increase as the weight does. This means that a 1.25 carat gem may have a value per carat $1250 as opposed to $1000 per carat for a gem weighing 1.0 carat.


The real benefits in domestic cutting are aesthetics. Due to precise adherence to gemstone parameters, the finished product displays uniformity in make and maximum optical performance. The stone is basically far more attractive. They are not bellied, with excess non-useful weight and are not windowed (this insures that the maximum amount of light entering the stone is reflected back out to the viewer.



Services & Products



In addition to the inventory for sale on this site custom cutting services are offered. Special preparatory services are available for pre-screening, or pre-stabilizing materials, at the shop rate of $100.00 US per hour plus the cost of consumables. Faceting, carving and cabbing services are offered at the rate of $100 US per hour.